New Books and ARCs, 6/14/19

Gaze upon it, if you will: The latest stack of new books and ARCs to arrive at the Scalzi Compound. Do you see anything here that intrigues you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

15 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 6/14/19”

  1. Wanderers and new Abercrombie look great. I finished Soule’s other book The Oracle Year not too long ago and it was pretty good, looking forward to another one by him.

  2. “Wanderers “ sounds epic. “Salvaged” sounds great, too!

    I notice humanity is on the line in both books. Again. Just sayin’.

  3. Wanderers analyze the galaxies edge,
    The Brink

    Life and Limb,
    People of the Stars!
    A Little Hatred…

    Salvaged, All this could be yours
    Runaway Max
    The master of dead men

  4. Already eagerly awaiting the Wendig and Abercrombie titles. But the Giesbrecht book at the top also caught my eye.

  5. Interesting to see what Jennifer Roberson is up to. Whoever designed the spine of Jennifer Giesbrecht’s book wasn’t planning for it to be legible at this size. I guessed at the spelling of her name, found the book in a search, and it does look intriguing.

  6. Salvaged and Anyone look interesting. And I didn’t know there are Stranger Things novels! Will need to check them out too

  7. Good point, Annaparadox! It’s a Tor book, clearly intended only for the tiny minority who can see as well as the ancients in Lord Of The Rings! Hopefully, this is just an ARC and the final spine will be more legible.

  8. Some good titles on some of those book. “All This Could Be Yours”, “A Little Hatred”, “Life and Limb” – those are tempting titles that would make me pick up the book and at least give it a glance.