24 Years

Krissy and I on our wedding day, 6/17/95.

Fun fact: As of today, Krissy and I have been married for 24 years. Also fun fact: Every day I get to be married to Krissy is a good one. Many of those days are great! And some of them are genuinely spectacular.

I hope you have a very good John and Krissy Got Married Day as well.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Krissy really looks like she hasn’t aged a day!! You look, well, different. Not bad different, just different…

  2. Happy anniversary! That is quite the stereotypical nerd look you’re sporting in that photo, I love it. You look like you could have been hosting MST3K.

  3. Dude. Happy Anniversary (still over two decades behind us). Man, Krissy must have a picture in her closet somewhere, because she really hasn’t aged a lot.

  4. Is it just me or does JS look rather like A YOUNG Ben Elton in that picture?

  5. Congratulations and happy anniversary. That is no small thing and it’s a happy thing.

  6. Congrats and happy anniversary! We just hit our silver last week, and we’re loving it! Always happy to see other couples who love each other and like each other.

  7. Happy Anniversary! Ours was 9 days ago, and we’re just over twice your 24 got married days at 50 got married days. And it’s as great now as it was 50 years ago!

  8. A very happy John & Krissy Got Married day to you!

    And apparently, also to
    Shawn and Spouse, and
    Nicole and her DH.

    What a marvelous day to be alive. Congratulations to all!

  9. I’m another with a 17June anniversary, mine in 1987 so it’s my 32nd. Congrats!

  10. Blessings on you my son!
    Your a much better husband and father than I.
    So proud and happy for you.
    Krissy thank you for everything.
    Love and Respect you two.

  11. Happy John and Krissy Got Married Day! We celebrated, as is customary for our people, by going out for Thai food. (Well, okay, that may have been a slight coincidence. ;-)

  12. Congrats John and Krissy. This Friday, the 21st, will be Bonnie and my 34th Happily Ever After. We wish you the same and counting.

  13. Today is my 31st. Congratulations to all of us celebrating anniversaries this month.

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