On the Move (Again)

Here’s a view I see a lot these days: The interior of Dayton’s airport, before I’m off again to elsewhere. Today it’s to Washington DC, where I’m doing an event with Sarah Gailey tonight at Loyalty Bookstore (come see us!), and then attend the ALA conference this weekend. Then I’ll be back home literally for a few hours to do laundry and nap before I’m off to Los Angeles to pitch things for several days. I’m home two days for the rest of June. I have done this to myself.

This isn’t a bad thing, mind you (well, all the travel is not great for the environment, which is why I bought carbon offsets the other day to offset my air travel this year, with margin to cover other aspects of travel, including the cruise I went on in March), but it is a reminder that so much of my life these days involves… not being at home. It’s been this way for a while, but this year feels especially ramped up. This is a year where I don’t have a novel out and no book tours scheduled, and I’m still traveling more than ever. I think the travel is worth it, both for business and personal reasons. It’s still a lot.

And off I go.

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  1. I have been wanting to ask how is the book going? I thought the deadline was end of May.

  2. I’m envious (and a bit in awe) of your ability to get work done while doing so much travel. If you haven’t already done so (and I’d welcome a link to where if you have), perhaps you’ll consider posting some of the tricks and techniques that you’ve developed for on-the-road productivity in a future Whatever.

    Enjoy DC!

  3. “I bought carbon offsets the other day.”

    Okay, cool. But remember that carbon dioxide emissions aren’t the only terrible thing about flying; there’s a lot more externalities as well!

    So although carbon offsets are probably great, don’t be tempted to think they absolve you of all guilt about flying :)

  4. “I bought carbon offsets the other day.”

    how does one do that?

    also, if you are so inclined to elaborate, why not fly straight to LA (saving a flight I suspect) and springing for dry cleaning?

  5. Someone asked about productivity. Firstly, I am not the one to ask,
    but secondly, it seems to me that an airplane seat tray, and desks in a hotel, are no different that desks in a coffee shop back home. For me there’s a difference: I travel so seldom that I feel excitement and gratitude, emotions that help me be productive.

    Over a year ago I flew all the way from Saint John’s to London England but I only got two chapters read of Two Kill a Mockingbird: Too busy composing, journalling and resting.

  6. Thanks for thinking enough of the Earth to get the carbon offsets! Some lovely new trees, perhaps? Our home’s solar panels have (according to the app) saved over 50 TONS of carbon dioxide since they were installed.Take that, coal and oil!
    Safe travels and have fun!

  7. If only we had machines that could enable us to communicate with each other without travel! They could transmit our voices and/or writing and/or visuals. I’m sure that in just a few decades they could be no bigger or heavier or expensive than a car. I’d call them “Machines That Could Enable Us To Communicate With Each Other Without Travel” or “M.T.C.E.U.T.C.W.E.O.W.T” for short. Catchy, isn’t it?

    But seriously, Bon Voyage!

  8. I’d like to buy carbon offsets, but I’m not sure how to determine the legitimacy of those selling them. Any advice would be appreciated.

  9. I appreciate the ability to use carbon offsets, and like several others, want to know more. Staycations and video conferencing are well and good, but sometimes there is no substitute for actually being there. “The appropriate use at the appropriate time”, and all that. Besides, there is no good way to go someplace besides where I live now other than a plane.

  10. Dont you own like 20 acres? Let the grass grow and plant some more trees and that should be carbon offsets right there.

  11. I consider myself to travel a lot because I usually go to about 12 fairs/festivals/etc each year (all in driving distance). I hope you enjoy travel as much as I do. My first book was published in 2016 or so (after 15 years of writing unpublished/unpublishable books) and I still love saying, “Yes, these are my books” and signing them for people. I also like being far enough away from the housework that I simply can’t do any of it, so I don’t feel guilty (this is no reflection on you, just a vital reason *I* like to travel).

  12. John, I don’t envy you on your travels, one bit. Flying used to be exciting and mostly pleasant. Not so these days, unless you can afford first class. I hope your hotel doesn’t have cockroaches, sand fleas or bedbugs. ;>) Good luck and pleasant travels.

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