View From a Hotel Window, 6/20/19: Washington, DC

It feels very Washington-ish, if you know what I mean, although I would not hold it against you if you did not. I’ll be here for several days for the American Library Association conference. But today is a free day! Which I am, uh, spending in my hotel room, trying to catch up on some writing. Writers, man. Always scribble, scribble, scribble.

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  1. Go to the Air and Space Museum. Cool place to hang out. Actually, the whole Smithsonian is a cool place.

  2. So sorry I am not going to ALA this year. Have sent a couple of staff members and one is planning on attending your Sunday panel event.

  3. midimike – Cincinnati, Ohio – From the day my mother gave me my first instrument at the age of five, I became a musical sponge. Learning any instrument I could get my hands on, it didn’t take long until I was involved in repairing and connecting instruments to PA systems. Microphones and amplifiers were next. By 15 I was recording my own songs on reel-to-reel. Years later, while managing a local music store, I was given the opportunity to perform with the areas most talented musicians including The Merchants Of Death, Euphoria, Reckless, Sahara Rain, IT, Harry Strawberry, Crash Landing, The Chase, and Tellin’ Ellen and I haven’t stopped since. After working on my own tunes for over 30 years, I’ve finally released them on three albums available at:

    Good as any place to scribble LOL.

  4. I always enjoy these hotel pics, but I will admit it is weird to immediately recognize the place and know that I am working in a building a few blocks away. :-)

  5. On the slim chance you’d like to do something different, my sailing club has a free “Thursday Evening Social Sail” where we take out whoever shows up for free 20 to 30 minute sails on the Potomac, plus potluck food (sorry, can’t promise any burritos!). Show up anytime from 6pm till sunset. See Was hoping to make your event last night, but sadly, work got in the way. (assuming it doesn’t get rained out, but at the moment it looks cautiously optimistic)

  6. @Alexandra that’s Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church. It’s right by the convention center and a weirdly, immediately-recognizable sight.

  7. By “feels very Washington-ish” do ya mean “Look at all them steps”?

    Prettier than a parking lot if you don’t haff ta climb ’em.

  8. Greek Deli carry-out. West side of 19th, between L and M. No place to sit, a long line that moves quickly. Haven’t been there in a couple of years (my office is now close to the Hill instead of downtown) but it is delicious. In particular, the spinach orzo is usually available as a switch out for the regular orzo in the platter– amazing.

  9. A bit out of the way of the conference zone, Petworth Citizen is a lovely bar/tavern that does excellent drinks and mocktails, as well as decent food. Starting at 7 on Fridays and Saturdays, they also have a back bar, called the Reading Room, where the bartender offers a book-themed cocktail menu. Last week it was all Bloomsday drinks; this week it’s all stuff inspired by N.K. Jemisin’s Stone Sky.

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