New Books and ARCS, 6/21/19

For the longest day of the year (here in the northern hemisphere, anyway), one of the highest stacks of new books and ARCs we’ve had for the year to date! What here in this super-sized stack would be what you’d want to read late into evening? Share in the comments!

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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If that’s a new Turtledove and not one of the series I never got into, I am interested.
Torn between not wanting to read a Minecraft book and wanting to read a Mur Lafferty book. She can probably make it interesting to read even for non-players.

As an occasional Minecraft player and Mur Lafferty fan, I’m definitely going to watch it for that one.

The D&D books struck me as a bit outside what we usually see in these stacks.

I’m interested in The Twisted Ones, but, based on comments on Twitter, I don’t think I’d want to read it late into the evening.

I would gleefully read T. Kingfisher’s The Twisted Ones late into the night and then probably be unable to sleep until morning light and be wrecked the next day. Worth it.

Merlin Redux by Dave Duncan looks interesting. I really liked his A Man of His Word series.

The Turtledove one , judging by the amazon description, is new ground for him. quote New York Times bestselling author Harry Turtledove reveals a new side of his potent imagination in a gripping speculative novel about the End of Days—and a discovery in the Middle East that turns the world upside down. unquote.

‘The Chilling Effect’, because it’s described as ‘an offbeat space opera’. Starting vacation soon, and it sound like fun.
‘The Lesson’, had an interesting premise, and a debut work is always worth checking out.

The Girl with No Face and the anthology one. I’m a little hesitant about Turtledove because he hasn’t always done really well with race, from things of his that I’ve read. That being said, I did enjoy his Ruled Brittania, so…maybe?

I have enjoyed Turtledove in the past, but frequently his novels wander off into a long series with less real interesting plot in every volume. This may be different if it’s a single novel with a beginning, middle and end.

Definitely a Mur Lafferty fan. Missed it in the pile, so I’m glad the commenters pointed it out. Looks very odd. I must have a word with Google about it.

Didn’t spot the T. Kingfisher book until someone pointed it out. Wonder if Ursula Vernon posted about it and I just didn’t get the memo :P All her books are belong to me. Also, new Babymouse! Passing that info along to our children’s librarian.

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