Krissy and Me, June, 2019

I post lots of photos of Krissy but somewhat fewer of the two of us together, mostly because I’m the one holding the camera and I usually don’t think to do the selfie thing. This time I did. This is us this last weekend in Washington DC. She’s gorgeous. I’m smug. This is the story of our lives.

9 Comments on “Krissy and Me, June, 2019”

  1. Inspirational! Best wishes!

    (::sotto voce:: — dood, you married up. >;^) )
    (edit: drat, etsuhemp beat me to it.)

  2. “I’m not insane, sir. I have a finely calibrated sense of acceptable risk.” – Krissy, 1995. Great selfie. Hope that meetup in DC was a blast!

  3. I have to agree: smug is not how I would describe your expression. Helpless love would be more like it. It reminds me of an NPR interview with a young musical talent just back on the road after having a new daughter, her first. As I recall her account, when she first held her daughter, she thought: Is this how much my parents loved me? I am sooo fucked.

    Cute couple, for sure.

  4. You ARE smug… and deservedly so, what a couple!

    You scalawag, you.

    Now time to go fill the hummer feeders, we have several rocket-birds now and have an obligation to them!

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