View From a Hotel Window: Hollywood, 6/24/19

Dog park!

Weirdly enough, the last time I was at this hotel, I was given this room. It’s the John Scalzi Memorial Room now, I suppose.

Here I am back in LA through very early Friday morning. And once again here for meetings and pitches and what have you. Exciting times, indeed. And who knows, maybe I’ll even write in the book!

8 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window: Hollywood, 6/24/19”

  1. Wishing you a productive and satisfying time regardless of what your specific activities are – though I can’t deny that I hope the novel gets a bit of your time while you’re there. I am really looking forward to this one. I can be patient, though, I promise.

  2. “Maybe you will write the book”. Well, you have written one or two, so why not? :) Hope it is a good trip.

  3. “John Scalzi Memorial Room” sounds like the place where Mr Scalzi died.

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