It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like A Very Scalzi Christmas

Whilst I was away in Los Angeles, schmoozing entertainment executives, the ARCs for A Very Scalzi Christmas arrived from Subterranean Press, and they are lovely and seasonal and full of sugary goodness. Why, it’s just like Christmas in… late June! In any event, a nice thing to come home to.

Also, hello, I’m home, just in time for the weekend, which I intend to spend mostly sleeping. Hope you also have plans, whether they involve unusual amounts of sleep or not.

13 Comments on “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like A Very Scalzi Christmas”

  1. They’re serving latkes AND chicken tikka masala at the company picnic, so unusual amounts of eating, followed by unusual amounts of sleep.

  2. Went to a celebration of life and then called my husband who was, unknown to me, rushed to the hospital with a possible MI. Turned out to be a muscle spasm.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. I work tonight and then my vacation starts tomorrow morning. I plan on going to the nightly concerts we are having in town till the 3rd and then the Parade on the 4th which is the culmination of the celebrations which started on Flag Day (June 14). I live in the most patriotic town in America. A true Bristolian will tell you summer ends on July 5th lol. I also plan on doing a lot of sleeping and reading. I will actually be able to live like normal people and sleep at night and be awake during the day.

  4. I’ve seen that look from a cat before. Usually when I do something like putting my bookmark or pages from our cat calendar on our cat Nova’s back, or lie down on the bed so as to gently use her as a pillow.

  5. Now I have an earworm. And I guess I’ll always have one whenever I see the cover of that book. Gee thanks.

  6. Glad you got home safe – you are overdue for some R&R. And thanks for the glimpse of what my sibling’s holiday gift this year looks like.

    Our weekend should be a busy one, thanks for asking. Our elder kid and her spouse are hosting a gathering this afternoon, tomorrow we’ve got a theatre matinee, and of course there’s the usual laundry/housecleaning/grocery shopping in the mix as well. I’m hoping to include a nap at some point, too.

    Rest well, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

  7. If we hadn’t had to cancel the weekly RPG two weeks running, I’d stay inside until tomorrow morning. Heat advisory yesterday until 9 PM, same for today.

    But we ended game on a cliffhanger three weeks ago, and there’s Nazis waiting to be punched (literally, it’s a pulp game), so I’ll grab a case of bottled water at the store and venture into the 100+ heat index.