Zeus, 6/30/19

He’s got an itch. He’s gonna scratch it.

As the Senior Cat at the Scalzi Compound, Zeus sees relatively less media attention than the others, particularly Smudge, who is lately the star of the the show. So I thought it would be nice to give him a moment in the spotlight, as it were. Now, mind you, he’s a cat, he doesn’t care. Even so.

And with this post we close up the first half of 2019, which for me was… surprisingly good, and also kind of exhausting. Let’s see how the second half of the year turns out.

15 Comments on “Zeus, 6/30/19”

  1. Bloody hell.

    When I saw Zeus’ name, today’s date, and his photo, I nearly had a heart attack, thinking he’d died.

    Granted, we just lost our beloved Oliver 10 days ago so I’m a little hyper-vigilant where pets and death are concerned. Otherwise, I may’ve noticed that there was not a date SPAN in the post title.

    Whew. Glad to see the elder statesman is still with us.

  2. What a handsome fellow he is.

    Of course, he knows that already, and cares not for our opinions on the subject.

  3. I had the same response Jill did – whew! I’m glad he’s not only ok, but still quite photogenic. How old is he now?

  4. Yes, I also had at first feared that Zeus had ascended back to Olympus reading the headline. But it’s wonderful seeing a post about him! He should get more of the spotlight! I will sacrifice many catnip mice upon the altar to make this so,

  5. Definitely a handsome fellow. Hopefully he doesn’t rule over House Scalzi with an Iron Paw…

  6. That is a very catlike cat in a very catlike pose. I admire Zeus for the casual superiority of his rulership of the household.

  7. Glad to see the senior statesman getting some love — so much attention is paid to the young whippersnapper!

  8. Good thing I saw this post today instead of Pride Sunday. Otherwise, it would have given me an unnecessary scare.

    Zeus probably prefers getting regular noms than amusing the talking monkeys with picture poses.

  9. Add me to the list of folks who thought he was dead. *whew* He’s a handsome boy, even when scratching.

  10. OMG, I just realized you did that old sitcom trick where the kids are all getting older and aren’t as cute anymore so they add a new younger kid to goose the ratings. Well, played, Sir, well played.