Some Quick July 1 Notes

To catch you all up with what’s going on with me:

One, I have not finished The Last Emperox yet. But I’ve taken down the “semi-hiatus” notice because, well. At this point I’m just gonna do what I’m gonna do. Don’t worry, I have more than two weeks to finish it. At this point.

Two, this month’s travel will take me to Spain, and while I’m there I’m probably not too likely to do a bunch of person updates, because Spain, and it’ll be my first time in that particular country. I’ll be there for this, incidentally. If you happen to be in or near Spain at the time, come on down.

Three, despite not having finished TLE yet, it’s been a pretty good year. There was this, and also this, and I turned in this, and also I traveled to London, Budapest, New York, Los Angeles and Washington DC. I’ve pitched some projects and have others in various stages of development at Netflix and at Amazon Studios and elsewhere. So, first half of 2019: Personally, not bad! For the second half of ’19, I have two more books to deliver plus, uhhhhhh, other projects I can’t tell you about yet. Plus more travel (still). Somewhere in there I’ll sleep. Maybe. Maybe.

So let’s get to the second half of 2019, yes?

8 Comments on “Some Quick July 1 Notes”

  1. Ah, spain. Barcelona was nice. Its funny when you’re in a location and you can tell you’re surrounded by a different kinda … vibe.

    Barcelona has a nice vibe.

    Have fun storming the castle.

  2. I recommend you try Iberian Bellota Ham. Also called Pata negra (Bellota being the one where the pigs are fed acorns for the last year or two) when you’re there, best cured ham in the world, bar none ;). Not cheap but infinitely cheaper than importing it in the US (it’s like 3-4 times more expensive in the US).

  3. John, My family LOVES Spain. We had the opportunity to live in Madrid for a year with work and it was an incredible experience. I hope you are able to enjoy it fully! We hope to go back some day. Sincerely,


    Joe McAlarnen Móvil: 240-498-5248


  4. For a guy who says he’s a bit lazy you’re something of an over acheiver don’t you think?

  5. Go to where an average joe would do their groccery shopping. The different types of food is amazing.
    The Cheese is excellent, hard texture with an aromatic sense that lingers in the back of one’s throat.
    In Madrid there is a surprising large amount of fresh seafood. Never frozen octopus and squid. Rainbow trout with the head attached.
    Dozens of smoked pork legs hanging from the ceiling.

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