The Not Cool Reincarnation

Krissy and Athena pose in front of Athena's new car, to which the "Not Cool" plates are being attached.

As an addendum to last week’s post about our minivan, which held the license plates “Not Cool,” being towed off after 16 years of service, here are Krissy and Athena attaching said plates to Athena’s new vehicle, a GMC Terrain. As we all know, the soul of a car is contained in its licence plates, so this is the official Not-Coolmobile reincarnation. The “Not Cool” plates are not quite as on point with an SUV as they are with a minivan, but they will still probably get a few double takes now and again, as they did on the old vehicle. Long may this new incarnation of Not Cool ride.

12 Comments on “The Not Cool Reincarnation”

  1. I could have sworn that the soul of a car is rooted in its glovebox, wherein all cassette tapes slowly transmogrify into ‘Best of Queen’.

  2. I think not cool is very cool!
    After I survived the oak tree
    Attempting sewerside at 50mph.
    I celebrated by replacing my 2017 for a 2019 Chevy Spark.
    The new one looks edzackery
    like old one!!!
    Moral of the tale:
    Road went right. I went straight. Mind melding with an oak tree ain’t all that wonderful.
    Glad I am that Not Cool is too cool.
    The tree did not survive the encounter!!!🐘😃🐺

  3. Keep telling yourself that, John T Shea, keep telling yourself that.

    (ObObservation: I have no idea what a GMC Terrain looks like, other than this view of its rear end.)

    (Also, am I the only one who thinks it is crazy that “terrain” has two ‘r’s? Yeah? Just me? Okay, I’ll see myself out.)

  4. Very cool plate! :D

    A few years back my partner texted me. On a whim she was looking through available vanity plates and discovered “GEEKS” was available. She texted me immediately and then got it on the spot. Thus I never I have to worry about trying to remember what our plate is.

  5. Agreed about the soul of a car being contained in its license plates… which is why each of my cars has had different vanity plates, as they had different souls…