Have “Christmas” in July!

Hey! Want to win this ARC of A Very Scalzi Christmas, a collection of Christmas-related stories from me, including three new, never-before-published stories (including one ironically called “Christmas in July”)? Well, you can! Here’s how:

1. I just rolled a number between 0 and 999 using a ten-sided die (which I rolled three times), which I have now duly recorded. Your mission: guess which number it was.

2. Post your guess in the comment thread for this post, using a valid email address so I can contact you if you win (Put it in the email field, not in the body of the comment; that way no one will see your email address but me, and I’m not going to use it for any purpose other than this contest). Only one guess per person, please; additional guesses from the same person will be discarded.

3. If more than one person picks the correct number, I will use a random number generator to pick a number between one and [whatever the number of correct answers] and then pick, based on chronological order, the person who corresponds to that number. If no person picks the correct number, then I will pick the person who is the closest to the number, going down (so if the number is x, then I’ll look at x-1, then x-2, and so on). Again, if there are multiple guesses at that closest number, I’ll pick a winner based on the manner noted above.

4. If you are that person, you win! I will sign the ARC (and personalize it if you like) and mail it to you wherever you are on the globe. So, yes, this is open to everyone who has a valid mailing address, even if you live somewhere else than the United States.

This contest is open from the second I post it until exactly 48 hours later (at which point the comments automatically close), so roughly from 10am Eastern on July 3rd to 10am Eastern on July 5.

Or, if you decide the laws of probability may not work entirely for you in this endeavor, you can pre-order the signed, limited edition of A Very Scalzi Christmas from Subterranean Press directly, and when you do not only will you get the very handsome hardcover edition of the book, signed by me, you will also get the electronic version of the book as well. Two formats, one price!

And that’s it! Guess away!

887 Comments on “Have “Christmas” in July!”

  1. NOTES:

    1. Post only the number you’re guessing, please. Comments without a number will be deleted to keep the thread focused, and also any comments with discourse unrelated to the contest or the book itself are likely to be trimmed.

    2. Again, only one guess per person, please. Additional guesses and posts will be disregarded (even if one of your later guesses is correct!).

    3. I’m not going to be answering any questions about the book in the comment thread here, so if you ask them, they will basically be shouting into the void. Sorry.

    4. Please note that ARCs are versions of the book that are sent to reviewers and such prior to copy-editing, etc, so there will be some errors, typos and so on in this version. This is what you deal with for getting an early peek.

    5. In addition to signing the collection for you, I will be happy to personalize it as well, to whomever you like, just let me know when I contact you, if you win.

    Good luck!

  2. 378. I was going to roll a 10 sided die at my end and post the results until I realized I am at my office and only have a 6-sided die. So I rolled one in my head, and this is what came up (I had to do it several times because it kept falling on the floor in my mind.)

  3. pbcat – Berlin – "Die Wortspielerin": Nachtaktive Übersetzerin (EN-DE)/Lektorin (www.kfü.de), mag gute Spiele, fesselnde Bücher, unterhaltsamem Fußball und laute Musik; bis Juni 2018: pbcat.blog, ab Juni 2018: https://lass-den-wookie-gewinnen.de/


  4. Jim Clark – Santa Barbara, CA – I write comic books, play the ukulele, juggle, and wear pants. But not all at the same time.
    Jim Clark


  5. Betty Widerski – United States – Providing information at http://whatbettyknows.com, music and other things at http://bettywiderski.com , http://facebook.com/bettywiderskimusic.com , Twitter @bettywiderski and @rpnband
    Betty Widerski


  6. John – I used to work out of town a lot as a contract archaeologist; now I'm an archeologist for the Texas State Parks. Sometimes it's interesting, and it can be quite funny. Home is Austin, Texas, and it keeps me off-centered. Since starting this blog, I've become more interested in using it as a form of public outreach about the practice and issues of CRM archaeology, as well as the stories.


  7. brilang – Abbotsford, BC, Canada – I am a Web Developer, Mac User, Beaver/Cub/Scout Leader, Geocacher, Munzee-er and the Father of three boys who sometimes assist me in finding geocaches.


  8. Karen A. Wyle – I'm an appellate attorney, an author, a photographer, a politics junkie, and a Hoosier (aka intermittent fan of IU basketball). My published work (aside from law review/legal journal articles) includes multiple science fiction novels, some near future and some involving other planets, equipped with aliens. More recently, I've veered off into historical romance, specifically a series called Cowbird Creek and set in 1870s Nebraska. I've also published one nonfiction book, Closest to the Fire: A Writer's Guide to Law and Lawyers. While originally intended to help writers use accurate details in their legal settings and expand the scope of such stories, I realized while writing it -- and have heard from readers -- that it could also be of use and interest to students, immigrants, and anyone interested in better understanding the American legal landscape. My other blog, Looking Around, is at http://looking-around.blogspot.com.
    Karen A. Wyle


  9. Erykko – Kenya – This guy writes for a living. Sometimes for food. Satire, Technology and Science fiction.


  10. larnotlars – Denver – I am a veterinarian by day, but play blacksmith by days off... I also like to build computers and slay denziens on said computers.... politically I am libertarian left with a little Heineinesce attitude towards foreign powers (real, not idiots with rpg's and delusions of global power...) I also like warm cookies, puppies and backrubs


  11. Christine Sandquist – Christine Sandquist (eriophora) is a project manager working in the audio visual industry with a passion for books, art, and a smattering of other hobbies. She currently lives in NYC, but has previously lived in Texas, Washington (state), and grew up in Oregon. Prose-driven novels with heavy emphasis on atmosphere are generally her favorites, especially those with an undercurrent of mystery that relies on the reader actively attempting to piece together the world.


  12. Eleanor Konik – Baltimore, Maryland – Eleanor Konik teaches Social Studies to 6th Graders and spends the bits of time left over writing books that bring history -- and magic -- to life. She enjoys garden parties, rock climbing, and bullet journaling.
    Eleanor Konik


  13. msleff – Mitch Leff is president of Leff & Associates, an Atlanta-based public relations agency. He created Leff's Atlanta Media (www.leffsatlantamedia.com), a databased of all media in metro Atlanta, and Mitch's Media Match (www.mitchsmediamatch.com), a site the connects Atlanta journalists with local experts and sources.


  14. writeemup – Vermont – I love words; reading, writing, and experiencing them with my eyes and ears. This is my bookblog, where I share my adventures with the world.


  15. Jay – New Bern, NC – INGREDIENTS: coffee, books, music, podcasts, NPR, cats, movies, the Oxford comma, and Netflix - - - WARNING: may contain nuts - - - MADE IN THE USA


  16. Wendy Bradley – Wendy Bradley writes about tax policy making, and about science fiction and fantasy plus anything else that occurs to her. For tax, read tiintax. For everything else, try wendybradley.com. She can also be found on twitter @wendybradley
    Wendy Bradley


  17. Amy Campbell – Minnesota – I resigned my middle school teaching job to move to Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I recently completed my masters degree in Educational Technology Leadership. I have enrolled in St. Cloud State University to complete the 7 classes to get my Library/Media Specialist Masters and license in Minnesota. I love technology and amount of information it makes accessible. I am also a mother to a beautiful, intelligent daughter. My wonderful husband is a writer and a futurist.
    Amy Campbell


  18. Dunx – Portland, OR – A writer of code and fiction, a player of games and a cyclist who runs. I think that covers everything except the collection of sharp knives.
    Duncan Ellis


  19. 266

  20. Delthrien – Remarkably, there's not a lot that's remarkable about me. I'm not at all worried about that. I've got a wonderful wife, two annoyingly intelligent spawn (both of whom have already left the nest) and am extremely pleased with all of them. I eat, sleep and spend a great deal of the intervening time working, reading, socializing, playing games and watching whatever video entertainment catches my fancy... with the exception of anything classified as "Reality Television." I believe there is a special place in Hell reserved for the programming execs that thought that was a clever idea.


  21. Rock Cowles – Upstate South Carolina – Rock Cowles: Papa. Artist. Navy. Army. LEO. Mensan. Ignostic. Minarchist. Gadfly. Ambivert. Ukulelist. Single AF.
    Rock Cowles


  22. reluctantbloggersite – "The Republican party's goal is not to benefit their constituents, honor the Constitution or the Founding Father's vision but to consolidate their own power by enriching the wealthiest, continuing to widen in the income gap, and cementing the cycle of poverty." This has been my hypothesis for years. In recent months it has become my theory. The difference? A hypothesis is a suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon. A theory is a tested, well-substantiated, unifying explanation for a set of verified, proven factors. Everything that I will write about here, whether at a national or local level, explains why it is now theory not merely a hypothesis. Prove me wrong.
    Jzs Lea


  23. Laura – Alberta – Caught the travel bug when I went on a school trip to Germany at age 16. Now my bucket list is full of destinations I will one day explore!


  24. Tom Jolly – Santa Maria, California – Astronautical engineer, writer, game and puzzle designer. I've an interest in physics, space travel, fantasy and science fiction, hiking, bad jokes. I enjoy having a pint or two with friends on occasion, usually with games involved.
    Tom Jolly


  25. 983. Because ‘007’ was taken.

    Do all the people who forgot the leading zeros get their guesses considered? You can’t roll a ten-sided die and come up with their suggestions.