The “Christmas in July” Winning Number Is:


And only one person guessed it, so congrats, Lynne Everett! The ARC will be winging its way to you, oh, probably Monday. Thank you to everyone who played along!

1 Comments on “The “Christmas in July” Winning Number Is:”

  1. If this is a gamer thing that I’m obtuse to, I apologize. In hindsight I see that you meant that there were three rolls that you were going to string together to make a 3-digit number, but I guess that was over my head. I took it literally when you said:

    ” I just rolled a number between 0 and 999 using a ten-sided die (which I rolled three times)”

    which I took to mean that there was only one number between 0-9 that was possible, and the fact that you rolled it three times and invoked 999 was irrelevant, a trick to throw us off the path. You didn’t explicitly specify if the numbers were going to be added, multiplied or (as the case turned out to be) strung together as digits.

    I guess I’m too quick to expect to be deceived by trickery these days. By my logic, I got “4” right as my answer. Just a thought.