Smudge Watches Over You This Monday Morning

And assures you that you’re gonna make it through this week juuuust fine.

Busy writing today. See you later.

20 Comments on “Smudge Watches Over You This Monday Morning”

  1. You can really see how much he’s grown in this picture. Or at least I can.

  2. Smudge has grown remarkably, from ‘goofball kitten’ to almost regal in his cat-ness.

  3. Really? Because I see a cat who is judging me and the things I did over the weekend. Just saying.

  4. @Kelly and Geoff: Yes, there is Zeus in the background. Smudge is being evaluated on his preparedness as the Heir Apparent to the tux cat throne, just as Smudge is being all judgy on the humans.

  5. I get the distinct impression that my life choices do not measure up to his standards…nor will they ever.

    Buuuuuut, I’m used to that. I have (am slave labor for) four cats (supreme beings who control me to the point that I clean up their bodily functions) of my own (no beings own them…certainly not us lowly humans…and definitely not the dogs).

  6. It’s so sad that the picture is in black and white. It makes it difficult to appreciate how colorful Smudge and Zeus really are. ;D

  7. Merciful heavens, but that youngster has grown himself some long legs! Goodness me, he is quite the lanky fellow now, though I still don’t think that he has entirely grown into those ears. Which is undeniably a big part of his charm, of course.

    Thank you in any case for appointing Smudge to watch over us today while you were busy. He is indeed a fine guardian, and clearly takes his duties seriously.

  8. Master Smudge is clearly a teen kitteh, hence the paws, legs, and ears he has yet to grow into.

  9. TheMadLibrarian, now I want an animated show called Teen Kittehs. All the angst of being a teenager, but with cats–oh, and they fight crime, because, why not?

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