New Books and ARCs, 7/12/19

A tall and fairly impressive stack of new books and ARCs this week. What here is something you’d want to take into the weekend with you? Share in the comments!

28 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 7/12/19”

  1. Is the new Lackey/Edghill pastiche a continuation of their SERRAted Edge series, aka urban elves doing high-tech racing? They haven’t added to that for years.

  2. More Stephenson is always cool, that one looks uncharacteristically short though.
    And I bet the McGuire is good unless it’s one of her series that didn’t grab me.

  3. My daughter was super-thrilled when I took her to the bookstore Tuesday to get SPIN THE DAWN, which just came out that day. :) She loved Lim’s first book, REFLECTION, as well.

    I just had to do a search, simply because the word leapt out of the screen at me. It would appear that people who search for that also search for Ben Aaronovitch, so I suppose I’ll have to get the book by Sir Andrew Caldecott next.

  5. Hound of Justice, Unkindest Tide, Gods of Jade and Shadow — These Please!

  6. Lackey? Edghill? Either would have my attention, but strangely enough the title gets the most attention.

    It’s from a Yeats poem (more recently put to song by Steve Hackett) titled The Stolen Child:

    Come away O human child
    To the waters and the wild
    With a fairy hand in hand
    For the world’s more full of weeping
    Than you can understand

    Which very much suggests Lackey’s book of the Fair Folk rescuing abused children. Now I have to look it up.

  7. Karen Anderson: So was I. It’s an essay collection, illustrated, per Amazon.

    The Writer’s Book of Doubt contains practical advice and inspiration for dealing with the problems of the writing life. Illustrated by Kathleen Jennings. With essays from: Aliette de Bodard, Delilah S. Dawson, Kate Dylan, Malon Edwards, Meg Elison, Kate Elliott, Lauren Herschel, S.L. Huang, Crystal Huff, Kameron Hurley, Matthew Kressel, R.F. Kuang, Fonda Lee, R. Lemberg, Likhain, Jeannette Ng, A. Merc Rustad, Mary Swangin, Bogi Takács, E. Catherine Tobler, Martha Wells and Isabel Yap.

  8. Maresca’s doing really good work weaving four different series together in the same fantasy city: there’s a magic student who thinks he’s Spiderman, a pair of detectives who solve supernatural crimes, a street gang leader who’s grown up, and a warrior monk. Eventually they’re all going to meet and it’s going to be glorious… if he can pull it off.

  9. I’ve been looking forward to Silvia Moreno-Garcia’s “Gods of Jade and Shadow” for some time, it sounds great and I’ve enjoyed her other books.

  10. I already have “The Unkindest Tide” on pre-order at the bookstore. (There’s a clerk at the bookstore I ordered it from who also got an ARC and is just bursting for *someone else* to have read it because apparently it’s amazing and they are eager to have someone to discuss it with.)

  11. Three of these are on my list of books to check out already: SHROUDED LOYALTIES by Reese Hogan, THE HEART OF THE CIRCLE by Keren Landsman, and ROTHERWEIRD by Andrew Caldecott (which sounds a bit, er, weird).

    STEEL CROW SAGA by Paul Krueger sounds potentially interesting; I’ll make a note of it, thanks!

    My other half is looking forward to SHIELD OF THE PEOPLE, which I’ll preorder for him at some point between now and October. Me, I’ve got the first two of Maresca’s audiobook in the queue, so I’m way behind on this series of series. ;-)

  12. “Heart of the Circle” has been sitting on my shelf for a while, waiting for me to clear the mental space to read it properly. A new Seanen Macguire always sounds good, and “Writer’s Book of Doubt” looks like a useful resource which would, nonetheless, make me tear my hair out.

  13. Keren Landsman is a personal friend of mine. She would be thrilled if you read THE HEART OF THE CIRCLE.

  14. I too was attracted by The Writers Book of Doubt, that would be the one I’d take off the shelf for a look. In case publishers and cover designers check these comments, I’m put off by illegible titles, and all these are nice and clear (of course including those that haven’t got their fully designed covers yet.

  15. I have Spin the Dawn out of the library and waiting for me as soon as I finish the next Rivers of London book. I snagged it as soon as I saw it on the Newly Arrived Books shelf; Ms. Lim’s licensed Disney alternate universe fanfiction Reflection was really creative and I’ve been looking forward to next original take on Mulan.

  16. Ooh! Claire Dell has a sequel to A Study in Honor!

    You know, it makes me really happy to see these new books coming out. Thanks for giving me a backdoor into catching up with sf publishing. There were life reasons I was spending less time with sf recently. Maybe it’s time I circled back.

  17. ROTHERWEIRD jumped out at me, too… because I’d seen it before. It was first published (maybe not in the US?) over two years ago.

  18. Ooh. I’ve just added The Heart of the Circle to my Goodreads list. Seems like an interesting blend of fantasy and the current woes of our world.