Off to Spain

Where I am a guest of the Celsius 232 Festival. I expect to be mostly busy with that for the next week, but may post a few pictures here and there (and there are a couple Big Idea pieces for you to look forward to this week as well). You kids have fun while I’m away. Don’t wreck the place, I’ll find out.

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  1. El website esta en Español. :/
    Have fun! Did you lock up the crystal sculpture on the mantle? Kids will be kids.
    Lol. Doesn’t the photo of the guy in Manlima look like Inigo Montoya.

  2. Haha, that sea bottom is literally littered with references!
    How many can we count? Sputnik, 2001 helmet, Forbidden Planet robot, Galaga, War of the Worlds.
    Can’t place the flying saucer nor the horned skull. There are more!

  3. Avilés is in Asturias (Asturies in Bable, the region language), one of the best regions in Spain concerning food.

    I’m sure your hosts will guide you greatly, anyway I’ll share some tidbits:
    – if you like blue cheese be sure to ask for Cabrales
    Fabada is the most famous Asturian dish.
    Pastel de cabrachu is not widely known outside of northern Spain, but is a really nice fish pâté.
    – if you’re hungry for humongous amounts of meat and can stand gluten Cachopo is a safe bet.
    – Finally, rice pudding in Asturies is superb.

    Enjoy your trip!

  4. Visited Spain up around Bilbao, primarily to visit the famous caves with ancient art, and loved it. The Basque country is beautiful, rugged mountains, farms, seafood, and the people were friendly and helpful. The caves were amazing, our guide knew the country like his hand, and each cave had a guide who specialized in that cave. We will never know what the artists intended, but their art remains beautiful and amazing.

    SE France, also too!!

    Have fun, eat mo’ seafood! Roadside bars in that area have food as good as great restaurants here!!

  5. The pixelated yellow half-buried thing with antennae and eyes looks more like Space Invaders to me.

    The red gauntlet below the horned skull looks like one of Galactus’ gauntlets.

    Just below Sputnik is a hatched xenomorph (Alien*) egg.

  6. Let’s see, (232°C * 9/5) + 32 = 449.6°F. Hmmm. If they were going for 451°F, 233°C would be closer (451.4°F). Maybe they’re doing it The Price is Right style, and don’t want to go over?

  7. That looks like a very, very fun thing to go to (they helpfully have a “Celsius for Foreigners” page under the “Celsius 232” menu heading, so I didn’t have to try to dredge up my dusty Spanish). Enjoy!

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