Greetings From Aviles

It’s pretty here, and also, I wrote a chapter this morning, so it’s also apparently conducive to getting work done, so that’s nice too. How are you?

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  1. It looks very nice there. I’m just trying to stay cool as it is very humid today.

  2. Hot, dirty and living in a construction zone while I get my final grades in, dammit.

  3. Whoa, a beautiful place indeed. I wish I could walk through that space.

    Otherwise, operating on mental fumes from lack of sleep thanks to getting back late from a belated birthday dinner with friends. No regrets, as the place where we ate showed squid tentacles cooked right can be enjoyably tender.

  4. Very pretty. I created data visualizations in a pouring rainstorm today. Not nearly as pretty or, possibly, as fun.
    But still satisfying. :)

  5. I am well, thank you for asking, if rather warm and sticky. It is hotter than Hades here with about 110% humidity, and I am debating with my HELOC balance about whether this is going to be the year when I finally break down and get central air installed. I don’t like debt, but if this is the new norm for summer in my latitude, I foresee an increased loan balance (hopefully) balanced by a much cooler home.

    Very glad you found the setting conducive to writing, and I hope you have an enjoyable time during your stay. Thanks again for asking how we all are.

  6. Oh that’s lovely! Formal gardens, be they European, English, or Japanese, are one of my serious weaknesses. I’m finally getting some sleep debt paid back, and we got the A/C fixed. As I am in southern Louisiana, that’s a big deal.

  7. I rode in a limo with a half dozen good friends to this exhibit: , where my brain got very full and then we had an excellent lunch and wandered through some of the permanent collections until it was time to take the limo back to the East Bay. A very fine day it was, and there was much enthusing about nobody having to drive in horrible San Francisco traffic except the limo driver, who knew the best routes and was very good at his job.

  8. I’m wondering if they’re purposefully keeping that old ugly look so that tourists will think it’s more authentic. I find that restoring old stonework gives such a beautiful look and it doesn’t remove any of the historic charm. To the contrary, it gives you the chance to have an idea of what it did look like when it was newly built.

  9. Reminds me of Bilbao, which along with Burgos and some rural villages was the area of NE Spain we visited, it was an AIA tour of caves with ancient paintings, also in SW France. Very beautiful countryside, steep mountains, blue sea, hospitable folks.

  10. Who is the Spanish speaker for your adventures?

    Did you rent a car or are using public transportation?

    What have you noticed that is common in Spain that you would not see in America?

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