Heading Out

Here’s your last look of Ohio (at least from me) for a week, because we’re off to Ireland for the Worldcon in Dublin. We have a whole day of airports ahead of us. Think kind thoughts for our travel, if you would.

10 Comments on “Heading Out”

  1. Looking forward to your trenchant comments on the Con! And pictures, it it’s not too much to ask (vicarious travel).

  2. If you get a chance, go see the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin. CB was an avid collector who traveled the world amassing interesting items, which are all beautifully displayed in a purpose-built building.

  3. Welcome to Ireland! Although that ‘Dublin’ place is not as nice as our REAL capital Cork. Amen re Guiness and the Chester Beatty Library. Also the Trinity College Library, which inspired the Jedi Archives in the Star Wars movies. But what is this ‘rain’ commenters speak of?

  4. “Looks at Irelands weather forecast.”

    Colorado weather: “Hold my Guinness, watch this!”

  5. I’ll send you good vibes for your travels if you’ll reciprocate by sending some for mine. We’re heading to Dublin on Tuesday. Hope to see you there!

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