Checking in From Dublin, 8/13/19

It’s lovely so far. There are flowers everywhere. We’ve seen the Book of Kells and Christchurch Cathedral and had dinner with friends and been to pubs. It’s a whole thing and we’re here for it. Hope your week is going well, too. More updates when I can remember to do them.

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  1. You both look so happy. That’s a wonderful picture.

    I loved the flowers hanging everywhere in Ireland when I was there two years ago. They are cheery, and just add so much to the charm.

  2. I was on a tour there with my chorus in May. We sang at Christchurch (among other places). Everywhere we went, the rhododendrons were in riotous bloom. Kinda jealous of you for being there now, with or without Worldcon.

  3. We took a bus tour down to Kilkenny and back up through the Wicklow Gap today. Now waiting for our dinner at Yamamori.

    We did Trinity College back in 2014 when we followed the crowd from Loncon to Eurocon.

  4. Laura M Bailey – This blog is my attempt to write down the bones of a crazy, random, uncharted life and all the shoes I've worn along the way... From beach baby to city girl, wife. Mother, grandmother. Daughter, sister, coolest Aunt ever, construction worker, grease monkey, writer, poet, Publicity director, public speaker, tattoo studio owner and artist, crafter, cook, music promoter, race horse owner, breeder, Rancher and above all a flawed human profoundly in love with God. Within these stories I hope you'll find the sorrows , joys, inspiration in ordinary places, sheer hilarity of life and all the common threads that connect us all.
    Laura M Bailey

    Love love love Ireland! See it all! Do it all! Never want to leave it!

  5. Richard Winks – Long time Sci/Tech lover and practitioner, socially tolerant, fiscally conservative, apolitical, unremarkably ordinary, admitted pedant, long suffering cynic. @dwinx49r on Twitter
    Richard Winks

    You are a lucky fella…

    But I think you already know that.

  6. The Guinness brewery tour is well worth the time. Even if you don’t actually like the stuff the history is great and the rooftop bar (1 pint maximum unfortunately) has spectacular views over the city.

  7. I sounds like you are abandoning your virtual relations and focusing on your real-world relationships. Hmm. That must be something normal people do. Maybe I need to try that.

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