Supplicants Entering the Hellmouth, 8/14/19

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.

(Actually it’s just the entrance to the tasting rooms at the Guinness Storehouse tour, but it looks pretty sinister, no?)

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  1. Trust they are maintaining quality assurance, but repeated testing may be required! It does have to be good, so you can’t be too careful!!!

  2. “Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” That’s my preferred translation from Dante, but people are always moving the “all”.

    I almost never think of visiting Ireland without thinking of Guinness.

  3. I enjoyed Dublin when we visited, although between the two of us we barely drank an 8th of a pint of Guinness. If you get a chance take a day trip to Newgrange, it was one of highlight of our visit to all of Ireland.

  4. humanprobably – I once went to a party and had fun. Sixteen years later I heard everyone thought I hated them. Apparently I have resting bitch personality.

    That’s a very visually arresting shot.

  5. Peter S – An American who having discovered anime a few years ago decided to start writing about it, which is sort of embarrassing considering I'm 55.
    Peter S

    But it’s a snazzy neon hip hellmouth!

  6. What a coincidence – we were just there today! The Guinness drinkers in our group did not seem to find it at all hellish, though. In fact, they rather seemed to enjoy themselves. Hope that you and Mrs. Scalzi did likewise!

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