The Color of the Sky on My World

It varies. But it’s generally pretty nice.

7 Comments on “The Color of the Sky on My World”

  1. Is that adjusted at all in software, or ‘as is’?

    Lately I’ve been shooting so-so sunrises with camera set to HDR and the results can be eye-popping. (Or over the top!)

    oops, HDR – High Dynamic Resolution – combines multiple exposures

  2. “The Nobody People” is amazing. There’s an X-Men kind of feel to it while Proehl still manages to keep it fresh, exciting and all his own. I really hope with how this ends it means we will be hearing more from Fahima, Emmeline, and the other characters he created.
    Much love to Bob Proehl for my signed ARC received at BookCon! It was amazing to have the opportunity to chat with you

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