New Books and ARCs, 8/23/19

I got back from Ireland and this stack of new books and ARCs was waiting for me. What here would you be happy to have for your own? Share your thoughts in the comments.

19 Comments on “New Books and ARCs, 8/23/19”

  1. I want to read The Golden Wolf by Linnea Hartsuyker, but I need to read the second book, The Sea Queen first.

  2. Kassandra Montag will be at the 2019 Nebraska Book Festival next month. AFTER THE FLOOD looks quite intriguing.

  3. Shaharee – As an urban nomad, cryptomathecian and writer I like to mix up adventure, literature, science and history. I live somewhere between Europe, Central America, and Asia as a digital nomad.

    It’s labeled for teens and young adults and the (pre-order) Kindl version costs 10 USD

  4. I find lots of YA stuff worth reading and I’m neither young nor, except when I have to be, an adult.

    Have read Uncharted and it’s pretty good and also like Williamson

  5. I really hope ‘Babysitter Coven’ is as awesome as the blurb makes it sound.

  6. Wow. Babysitters Coven is the first time a title has really grabbed me in a fair while. The description sounds great, too. I’ll look up some more, but that one had an immediate pull.

  7. The Nobody People by Bob Proehl is amazing. There’s an X-Men kind of feel to it while Proehl still manages to keep it fresh, exciting and all his own. I really hope with how this ends it means we will be hearing more from Fahima, Emmeline, and the other characters he created.
    Much love to Bob Proehl for my signed ARC received at BookCon! It was amazing to have the opportunity to chat with you.

  8. Chris Blackwood – Hello and welcome to my blog! Blacky's Burrow is my personal blog about me and my best friend Johnny. These are the atypical day to day antics of a crazy cat person and a Rose-Point Siamese cat that's just a little bit crazier.
    Chris Blackwood

    Cycle of the Werewolf is one I’d like to read.

  9. There are some good looking books in that stack. Montag’s book is an intriguing debut novel. I would probably read The Babysitters Coven on merits of the title alone. I’ve read Cycle of the Werewolf. It’s fun size, about 12000 words but moves even faster. Also, you should read A Conspiracy of Truths before A Choir of Lies.

  10. Jay – New Bern, NC – INGREDIENTS: coffee, books, music, podcasts, NPR, cats, movies, the Oxford comma, and Netflix - - - WARNING: may contain nuts - - - MADE IN THE USA

    After the Flood and The Golden Wolf look interesting.

  11. The Babysitters Coven’s blurb “Adventures in Babysitting meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is a hard hook for me. Ordered!

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