View From a Hotel Window, 8/30/19: Washington DC

This view is very similar to another view around this time a couple of years ago, for the reason that I’m in the same city with the same purpose — I’m in Washington DC for the National Book Festival. My particular event is tomorrow at 1pm, and I’ll also be signing books right after. If you’re in the area, come see me there. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you. But it should be fun anyway.

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  1. Pros: 1) a Scalzi talk, which I have never heard before but am interested in attending 2) an opportunity to get my copy of Old Man’s War signed (which is one of my favorite books, so much so it was my recommendation and the first book we did for our podcast) and 3) an opportunity to print a picture of the 3 robots from Love, Death + Robots and get that signed because at this moment I have an empty 8×10 frame and I think it would be super cool to have that in my house

    Cons: 1) people. lots of them.

    This is a tough decision

  2. Maureen,

    I HIGHLY recommend going. I went the last time he was here and his talk was delightful. I was also one of the last people in (the very long) line to get my copy of OMW signed; it look longer than the allotted signing time to get my copy signed, but John stuck around and was somehow still nice and at least putting on his friendly face.
    (I also don’t like people, but my wife kept me entertained while waiting, and I figured if this man could put on a show for a huge room of people, then spend over an hour signing our books, I could take a breath and endure the people with a smile.)

  3. Peter, that’s the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church. There are a surprising number of architecturally distinct places of worship very close to the convention center (in that there are at least two).

  4. We’re planning on hitting the Book Festival since it’s in our backyard. See you there!

  5. John – thank you. I’m gathering my nerve. Unfortunately I went to grab my hardcopy Scalzi books this AM and realized I have loaned out Every Single One lol. I may pick up an extra copy of old man’s war today

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