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The Big Idea: Christopher Brown

No matter what, there are always lawyers. But what happens when there lawyers… but not much law? It’s an idea — dare we say, a big idea — that Christopher Brown considers in his novel, Rule of Capture. CHRISTOPHER BROWN: Who are the lawyers you call when you get in trouble in dystopia? This question […]

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The Big Idea: Matt Mikalatos

In today’s Big Idea, author Matt Mikalatos considers the idea of justice, and how it works both in our world in and the world of his novel, The Heartwood Crown. MATT MIKALATOS: “Whatever happens, don’t go to the police.” Twenty years ago I lived in a totalitarian state. Still, I was an American, and was […]

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A Father- Daughter Photo Interlude

Athena finalized her next semester’s class schedule today, and one of her classes is on digital photography. This got me talking about how the camera and the eye don’t really see the same thing at all, and then taking pictures of her with my 28mm – 300mm lens at different focal lengths so she could […]

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