The View From Abe’s Place, 9/1/19

He’s got a good view of it all, I have to say.

At the airport now and heading home. Hope you’re having a lovely Labor Day weekend.

8 Comments on “The View From Abe’s Place, 9/1/19”

  1. I pictured Hafte Sorvalh talking to the kids by the Reflecting Pond about halfway up the right side.

    Despite all of the problematic governing (or lack thereof) that goes on there, seeing the sights in DC gave me a certain enthusiasm about our country.

  2. Gorgeous photo – I wish my camera would punch up colors that way.

    My Labor Day weekend is peaceful, thanks for asking – am trying to recover from jet lag after returning from Ireland a couple days ago, so having a three-day weekend is a mitzvah. I just hope my internal clock resets itself before 5:00 a.m. rolls around on Tuesday.

  3. As an adult, (not for school) I enjoyed memorizing Abe’s Gettysburg Address. He wrote it himself, you know, no speechwriters to do it for him. One of his speeches is called “the lost speech” because the reporters were so entranced they put their pens down. I can sure see why Abe was Captain Kirk’s hero.

  4. “I wish my camera would punch up colors that way. ”

    Your photo software should include ‘sliders’ for brightness, contrast and ‘saturation’. If you have a camera that takes HDR (High Dynamic Resolution) photos, play around with that too – really super-saturates colors for sunrises etc. Sometimes excessive and unreal but fun to play with. With a film camera/SLR try using a polarizing lens. (The one thing I miss from those days ;-) )