Labor Day Spiderweb

I woke up early enough that dew was still on the spiderwebs. I imagine it’s a little annoying for the spiders, but it sure is pretty for the rest of us.

(And yes, we have quite a few spiders. Which means we have fewer of the others sorts of bugs. Fair trade.)

7 Comments on “Labor Day Spiderweb”

  1. The black & white one is a nice shot. Looks like a fishing net, only for the air. (Yeah, it’s early a.m. yet here.) Thank you, sir!

  2. Fun fact — that picture is actually in color (which you can see for yourself if you have photoediting software by bumping up the color saturation, you’ll see the brown on the wood sliding door behind the web). It’s just naturally mostly monochromatic.

  3. Nice photos. I love the way spider webs look in the dew. Less fond of the way they feel wrapped around your face!!

    Just finished reading “Lady Astronauts” last night. By Mary Robinette Kowal. Wonderful book, enjoyed it very much.

  4. Speaking of monochrome in color photos vrs. B&W photos…

    I’ve been scanning old family photos recently — many from the 1920s and 30s judging from the autos in the background, and I find that using the color setting on scanning even way old B&W photos sometimes improves the image quality. Who knew?

  5. [Imagine being the sort of person who tries to leave insults in one’s commenting name and not understanding I have the ability to change the names at will — JS]

  6. I have spiders around my bathroom shower window. They seem to relish the water droplets from the shower… as if that’s the only water they get other than “bug juice”.

  7. We have a couple of big, yellow, garden spiders right now (orb-weavers, I think) and I could not be more pleased to have them around. Feast, my pretties!

    John, that second, nearly-monochromatic spiderweb shot is just hypnotic. I keep scrolling back up and looking at it. Just lovely. Thanks for sharing it with us.