The Internet Sends Me Flowers

Seriously, these flowers arrived on my doorstep with a note that said “Congratulations for just being a pretty awesome person” and it was signed “The Internet.”

And, well. I’m actually touched. Whether I am actually awesome enough to truly deserve flowers from the Internet remains to be seen, but I certainly appreciate the vote of confidence and will endeavor to live up to the flowers (and when I don’t, to at least try to learn from it).

But, yeah. Getting unexpected flowers made my day. Thanks, Internet!

24 Comments on “The Internet Sends Me Flowers”

  1. That’s… really cool! I guess the Internet isn’t all snark and response. And you definitely deserve some praise for awesomeness, in spite of certain burritos.

  2. Y’know, has anybody ever considered that Terminator got the first half of the name “Skynet” wrong?

    I feel like you should be more worried than you are, John.

  3. But…*still* haven’t found the fruit & chocolate bouquet, hmm? Well, we’ll call them one more time for today.

    😄 😉

    Flowers? About time. Well deserved.

  4. Man, the internet never sends me anything unsolicited. Except spam. And not the tasty meat product, either.

  5. According to Agatha Christie, the meaning of purple orchids is “I await your favors.” Isn’t it nice to know that the entire Internet wants you to keep writing?

  6. Wait. That’s not right. The card should have read:

    “how are you? After telling me all about yourself, you sure sound like the kind of guy i’ll love to meet,
    go on a date and see where that leads… I’m supposed to be having a good day being the end of the
    seminar and am supposed to wait for some kind of call if am being chosen by an agency or not while i
    get my flight booked so i can fly tomorrow … But unfortunately my card came back declined, so
    contacted my card company since i knew the funds i left there and when the reports came i was told i
    purchased some phones which i never did then they mentioned something like identity theft so now
    my account is frozen and they promised to dispute the charges and issue another card to me when i
    get back to the states… I really want to get outta here as soon as i can, if possible tomorrow but i
    don’t have the means cuz the airline agent is insisting i get the remaining funds before he can get me
    a ticket back… I don’t know how you feel about this hopefully you see from my own point of view and
    help me outta here… waiting to hear from you… ”

    Must have gotten them mixed up at the florist.

  7. So, this would be a bit more understandable if you wrote cyberpunk (unless you’re already doing that and the Net is simply loving your work as much as we do). =o]

  8. Mmmhhhh… This is suspicious… Especially since there were chocolates sent at the same time… This could be from someone who wishes you harm… You should exercise caution before eating those « chocolates ». I suggest hiring a food taster before opening that box.

    I can send you my resume if need be. I have a vast experience in various kind of chocolates, from praliné to 81% dark and many of the more exotic varieties, including some recent lemon and basil flavoured.

    Indeed, very nice orchids! Is it the reply to the bouquet « « a man » » sent to your wife’s office earlier?

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