Trade Reviews for A Very Scalzi Christmas Are In

And it looks like it’s going to be a merry Christmas for my little book, as it’s gotten positive reviews in Publishers Weekly, Booklist and Kirkus. And what do they say?

From Publishers Weekly:

“Scalzi (The Consuming Fire) unleashes his wicked wit in this stocking stuffer miscellany of mostly goofs and jibes directed at the holiday season. But not all is irreverence: two of the book’s 16 selections, ‘Christmas in July’ and ‘Sarah’s Sister,’ are sweet stories that exude Christmas cheer. Scalzi fans will find something here that appeals, no matter their feelings for the holiday.”

From Booklist:

“The collection shares Scalzi’s joy of the season and reminds the reader of the importance of the holiday, without being too serious.”

From Kirkus:

“Bestselling sci-fi author Scalzi injects plenty of holly and jolly into his second short story collection, a follow-up to Miniatures(2016). You’ve finished rewatching your bootleg version of The Star Wars Holiday Special and every episode of Futurama featuring the murderous Robot Santa, the Doctor Who Christmas special won’t be on for hours yet, and you already have Jonathan Coulton’s ‘Merry Christmas From Chiron Beta Prime’ on infinite loop. How else can you fill the Yuletide season with geekiness and laughs? This slim stocking stuffer may be just what you need.”

God bless them, every one.

Also, this is your reminder that you can pre-order the signed, limited edition of the book from Subterranean Press directly, and when you do, you will also receive the electronic version of the book (DRM free!) as a throw-in. And it will arrive in more than enough time for Christmas itself.

I’m pleased the book has been so well-received by the trades — a themed short story collection is not a guaranteed hit, to say the least. It’s nice it filled them with cheer. And it’s a good way to start the week!

9 Comments on “Trade Reviews for A Very Scalzi Christmas Are In”

  1. Just step away from the computer and read the book — it’ll give you a reboot :-) Well once it’s out anyway; a great read! Thanks again John for the ARC

  2. Hmm, the internet ate my comment.
    Just wanted to say it’s a great book which should replace those images for you — thanks again John for the ARC contest!

  3. Looking forward to this. Listened to “The President’s Brain is Missing” on this morning’s commute and enjoyed it muchly.

  4. Nothing to keep burrito or drumstick above 140F. And a turkey leg covered in sock lint.

    Poor Santa….

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