Away For a Week

Why? One, to get work done on the book. Two, because I feel like it. I’m also going to take a week off Twitter, too. Aaaaand probably won’t read news or otherwise see what the outside world is up to during that time either. I figure the planet can get along without me for seven days or so.

Here is a cat picture to sustain you until I post again.

See you all next Sunday!

7 Comments on “Away For a Week”

  1. Aww…I like all your critters, but Sugar is my fave. Such a doll!

    Good for you, JS – write like a madman and eat scary burritos and be well. See you later!

  2. Uhhh just a quick ask: when’s your next book? I’ve literally read/listened to all of your books twice or more now. Waiting for The Last Emperox most of all (but seriously, from you? Anything would do!)

    Yuesong, an anxious admirer of your works

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