New Books and ARCs, 9/27/19

As we head into the final weekend of September, here’s a stack of new books and ARCs for you to consider. What here would you like to close out the month with? As always, share in the comments.

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  1. I’ll be buying that Hodgman soon, mainly because I like Hodgman, but also because it’ll balance out these great (but a little depressing) Culture books I’ve been binging recently.

  2. Jon McGoran – Jon McGoran is the author of the young adult science fiction thriller Spliced, included on the American Library Association’s inaugural Excellence in Children's and Young Adult Science Fiction Notable List and one of American Bookseller’s Association’s 2017 ABC Best Books for Young Readers. His other books include the Doyle Carrick thrillers Drift, Deadout, and Dust Up, and the media tie-in novel The Dead Ring, based on the hit TV show, The Blacklist. Writing as D. H. Dublin, he is also the author of the forensic thrillers Body Trace, Blood Poison, and Freezer Burn. He also published numerous short stories, including “Bad Debt,” which won an honorable mention in Best American Mystery Stories 2014. A former magazine editor and communications director, McGoran also works as a freelance writer, developmental editor and writing coach, and story consultant. He is a cohost of the writing podcast, The Liars Club Oddcast. He lives outside Philadelphia with his wife and son. Splintered, the sequel to Spliced, is due out in 2019.
    Jon McGoran

    Been hearing great things about A Lush and Seething Hell!

  3. Robert Lee – I am a life long nerd of science fiction & fantasy books, movie and television. I am also a big fan of anime. And I have opinions.
    Robert Lee

    oO Joe Hill…

  4. Shooting Through escape rooms – Australia – Felicity Banks is the creator of Shooting Through: the escape room that comes to you. She also writes novels (The Antipodean Queen Australian Steampunk Trilogy, and the Rahana trilogy of kids, starting with "The Monster Apprentice"), interactive fiction, and the "Murder in the Mail" and "Magic in the Mail" art-filled immersive tales.
    Felicity Banks

    I’ve read and re-read the trilogy that includes “Winter of the Witch” by Katherine Arden. Holy cow, they’re amazing.

  5. lkeke35 – I am a Librarian Clerk in the Midwestern US. Its my job to know stuff (or at the very least, admit I know nothing, and go find out!) I love SciFi and Horror, Books, Movies, and television shows. I celebrate Blackness all year round. I am intolerant of intolerance.

    I’m looking forward to A Lush…Hell, and I’ve already got my pre-order for the Joe Hill. I loved his last two collection of novellas, and I’m looking forward to this new one.

  6. “The Library of the Unwritten” is one that I’ve already tagged – looking forward to it coming out.

    And I pre-ordered “Houses Under the Sea” so mine came a couple of weeks ago. I’m savoring each story, even though I’ve read most or all of them before. She’s a master of the form.

    Good stuff!

  7. Can’t wait to read the conclusion of the Tiger’s Daughter. I’ve got The Warrior Moon on my night stand. Just finished Gideon the Ninth and I’ve got to say that Tor has had some really amazing stuff come out this fall already. There are also a half a dozen other books in that pile that I’d love to get my hands on.

  8. And about Joe Hill, this was in the news here lately:

    A local book store arranged a joint buy-the-books-get-them-signed appearance with Joe Hill and Joe’s father (YKWHI). They were wise enough to rent a theater and have admission by ticket only. They did not anticipate the demand, though, especially when they decided to advertise it on Ticketmaster.

    One guess as to what happened to their web site when the tickets went live.

    One more guess as to what happened when the web site came back up.

    Now they have at least 400 oversold tickets, and need to figure out what to do without pissing off people even more. The best solution will probably be to sit Joe and Steve down in front of a stack of books and mail those off to the unlucky who need refunds. Hope they don’t get carpal.

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