Sunset, 9/27/19

After the week we’ve all had, we deserve a good one.

10 Comments on “Sunset, 9/27/19”

  1. What is it about rural Ohio? We have some mighty nice sunsets here on the North Coast but they mostly vary in intensity. Yours vary in every way imaginable.

  2. I often don’t see your blog entries until after comment time has expired, so let me thank you for your photos generally. I always enjoy your sunset photos but this is a standout. Such gold! Thanks also for the recent picture of Smudge, it had been a while.

    I appreciate that you only post the best photos here on Whatever. I don’t follow your Twitter feed because (a) I don’t do much Twitter and (b) I fear eldritch horrors like that cheddarwurst slider you posted there recently.

  3. The week we have had?

    I dunno. Just a President calling out the loyal (???) opposition and the media collapsing into hepless spasms….

    I say it’d make a good movie but too much fantasy to really sell.

    BTW – Finished “The Ghost Brigades.” Kudos and all that nice stuff.

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