Greetings From Transit

I’m more than a day into my travel and currently in the Air New Zealand lounge in the Auckland airport. The flight arrived at 4:45 and it’s still dark here. My next flight takes me to Melbourne, from whence I will connect to Canberra. I slept reasonably well on the plane from Houston to Auckland and also managed to get some writing done, which is good for me, I missed Tuesday entirely and went straight on to Wednesday. I’m already in that mind space where time has become somewhat malleable, and my general state is “mildly fatigued.” I’ll try to correct when I land for good in Canberra.

In the meantime: Hello! I’m mildly fatigued and only tenuously attached to the days of the week. How are you?

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  1. I’m good. Had a nice 40th birthday weekend, including a delightfully autumnal run with my spouse on a trail section we’d never checked out before. Thanks for asking!

  2. Remember –
    Be Kind
    Have Fun
    Pick Up After Yourself

    And don’t forgert – We tell everyone you’re a wonderful person!

  3. You are in the Wood Between The Worlds, where time has no meaning and you’re always sleepy. It used to be green and growing, but now it’s airport lounges, which are neither, although comfortable enough. We’ve spent a lot of time there. It’s not so bad, but landing and sleeping in a bed is better.

  4. I’m having a pretty good day, thanks for asking! They ate the treats I brought to the book club. It’s a very warm sunny day here, and I’m enjoying that, anticipating real autumn to set in very soon.

  5. Ooh, you’ve had an upgrade.
    From car park view to plane park view.
    Only the best in NZ for Mr Scalzi.

  6. What’s really weird is when you return, you get that lost day back, but it’s in a whole ‘nother week.

  7. Hey,
    Watch out for the politicians when you get to Canberra.
    They just legalised weed there last week, so things might be a bit loose.

  8. While you’re moving through airports… Has anyone @ed you to the video of the circular runaway airport beverage cart?

  9. Having made that trip myself, I know where you’re at. Just think though, on the way back you’ll make up for it. In fact, we did better than that and arrived home before we took off.

  10. I, too, am only tenuously attached to the days of the week. That happens when you are self employed, as I am. Some days the money is worth it.

  11. Hmmm….Canberra. Visiting the War Museum (really fantastic). Or listening for aliens out at Tidbinbilla? Remember, the ACT is the only state in Oz with 24 hour liquor and legal porn. Have a great time?

  12. From having lived there for eight years, “mildly fatigued and only tenuously attached to the days of the week” is probably a pretty good state to be in when you’re planning to enjoy the joys of Canbrrra. Certainly it apparently matches the state of mind of most of our federal politicians (who are not so much tenuously attached to the days of the week, as tenuously attached to the 21st century, given some of the legislation and directives coming out of the place).

    Definitely enjoy the museums and art galleries, and if you’re after coffee outside public service hours, the place to go is the pancake house in Civic. If you’re after gourmet meals, dine in the ACT; if you’re after actual food served in generous portions, head down the road to Queanbeyan in NSW.

  13. I’m also in travel limbo, today. Only MI to PA, though. Just got to the hotel. Time has resumed. I miss my cat already. Too much time away. Here for a week of work, then another travel day, PA to VA, by way of some airport in TN. New job. Stupidly for only 3 days. I should have canceled, when they cut it back from a week.
    Safe travels and find some time for yourself.

  14. I love Canberra. Check out the brew pub Bentspoke for some of the best beer in Australia and great food. Try Lazy Su or Akiba for a fantastic meal. The War Memorial is actually the best museum despite the name. Take a 5 min drive to the top of Mt Ainslie to get a great view of the whole of Canberra. You can see Koalas and Playpus at Tidbinbilla Nature Sanctuary. Mulligans Flat Sanctuary (almost walking distance from where you are appearing) has night spotlighting tours for bettongs and sugar gliders. Enjoy

  15. Doing well, thank you! Just finished a really enjoyable book last night as my ‘Horrortober’ (sp?) is already well underway (later in the month I have my own international travel booked so I started early). Glad your trip is going well!

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