I Am A Serious Adult Don’t You Know

Photo by Cat Sparks

Here’s me finishing up my keynote address yesterday, looking for all the world like I’m a politician at a town hall meeting. I am not a state senator, my friends. I am but a humble science fiction writer.

21 Comments on “I Am A Serious Adult Don’t You Know”

  1. “Photo by Cat Sparks” leads us to believe that you had your cat, Sparks, taking pictures.

  2. With the state of our politics…
    I’m pretty sure that is not the direction to look for serious.

    I’m gonna hazard a guess that John didn’t fly to Australia, and this is just his Threep, but maybe it was the beauty rest on the plane that is throwing me for a loop.

    Lookin good regardless.

  3. You clean up nice! Opening a convention is a big deal, even if the crowd is in shorts and t-shirts. Any chance the address will be online/ You Tube soon?

  4. So did you learn anything shareable from the warfighters about their ideas for the future?
    Have to sign any NDAs or be party to any “… but we’d have to kill you” disclosures?

  5. So did you learn anything you can share about the subject of the meeting?
    Or was it all “if we told you then we’d have to kill you” stuff?

  6. If you really are in Australia, why aren’t you upside-down?
    In any case, I look forward to your forthcoming Ted Talk “How I Won The War.”

  7. @johntshea: He is. So am I. Here in Australia we have developed an advanced photographic technology to allow Northern-Hemisphereans to appreciate our images. We call it “turning the picture upside-down”.

  8. But that’s not what really happened at all, is it, Scalzi?

    What really happened was the John Scalzi from a dimension where you’re a mid-level marketing executive replaced you for the better part of day – and was very confused to find out he’s an Award-Winning, Bestselling SF Novelist!

  9. “Now, if you vote for me, all your dreams will come true! No, really. All of them! Also, think of the children. They are the future, after all. No further questions.”

    Do you plan to write something about the event? It sounds terribly interesting.

  10. Ever given any thought to running for public office? I mean, you’re intelligent and thoughtful, which means you’re better than 90% of our current office holders.

  11. I wasn’t thinking state senator. More like school board. Water commission. That sort of thing.

  12. Why should John run for office? Unless he has a hankering to do so, he’s got a comfortable well paying gig right now, he’s good at it and seems to enjoy it. The political path is a dark one and leads to gallons of antacid.

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