Flowers From Floriade

“Floriade” being the Australian flower festival that happens here in Canberra. I took a walk over and took some pictures. Enjoy.

18 Comments on “Flowers From Floriade”

  1. Beatiful, especially the slightly over, blousy, red tulip above the white and purple pansies.

  2. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing a taste of Spring as we move through Fall in to Winter.

  3. Do you happen to remember the name of the flower 2nd from the top (purplish one)? It’s amazing!

  4. Australian flora is not normal flora, John. Back away from the man-eating flowers while you still can.

  5. Pedro: don’t worry, they’re all tulips. The main thing about Floriade is tulips. Lots and lots and lots of tulips. Very few natives are actually in bloom in Canbrrra at the time Floriade is running (it’s the tail end of wildflower season over here in Western Australia, though).

  6. Welcome to Australia John. It’s great to have you down under.

    Now that you’re here I can take this opportunity to say “damn you Scalzi”!
    I have things to do but have just started reading the Collapsing Empire. It’s too good and now I’ll get nothing done until I’ve finished it.
    Damn you, and thank you.

  7. Thanks for the reminder that it’s spring there. My neighbor gave me some parrot tulips that I’ll get to see in about 6 months or so here.

  8. The warm colors really pop — is that something you’re tweaking with the images or is it a super-power of your cell phone or camera?

  9. All tulips, all the time. Pity you might not have gotten to see some of the natives; some of them are remarkable, and it’s not just kangaroo paws.

  10. Next time you’re in Canberra (as if it’s just a quick weekend trip!) check out the Australian National Botanic Gardens, which exclusively showcase Australian plants.

    And thanks for two great talks at Conflux.