Home Again

Late, after the pilot of last night’s flight from Houston apparently sublimated directly into the air and the trip was rescheduled to this morning. I’m going to take a nap, I think, and then try to catch up on a few things.

But yes — back at home and it’s nice to be here.

11 Comments on “Home Again”

  1. Take 1: home again home again jiggity jig
    Take 2: There and Back Again, A Scalzi Tale

  2. Happy you made it all in one piece and, presumably, with your luggage. As much as I love the idea of the trip, I think my long distance traveling days are over.

  3. As much as we complain about the annoyances of travel, I’m glad we are in an era when most travel can be accomplished with minimal fuss, generally within a day or two, and may look forward to even speedier travel some day. I’m astonished the human race managed to spread across the globe, back when travel was by foot, horse, wagon, or sailing ship.

  4. Sublimated directly into the air? Hopefully not from the cockpit, in mid flight. That’s too much excitement for any trip.

  5. Welcome back, sir! Glad to hear your flight was less eventful than the one that befell Peter Meers [1], even if one pilot did spontaneously sublime.

    [1] Principal character in John Varley’s “The Flying Dutchman”. (I think this is the story referred to in previous thread by Justatech, BICBW.)

  6. While you were out traveling I threw my phone into the t9ilet!!!
    So I’ve been missing for a couple of weeks.
    Am going to Florida at the end of the month to hop a boat for my 33rd cruise..

  7. @lemmingpudding says:
    Thank you for all the good travel info. Planning my own trip to NZ next year. The key that makes it bearable for me: stopovers.

    If you’re coming from North America, you’re planning on Tahiti? Hawaii doesn’t help much…

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