Today in My Fame is a Strange and Sort of Wonderful Fame

The fast food franchise Hothead Burritos has an interactive nutrition information form, which allows you plug in the ingredients from the burrito (or burrito bowl) you ordered and then get a calorie count and other information. I noted it on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, and how much I appreciated it, since I’m recording calories.

In return, the creator of the Hothead Burrito nutritional information form has created a form especially for my own “burritos,” which actually works and is totally amazing. I love that this exists. Go try it for yourself.

17 Comments on “Today in My Fame is a Strange and Sort of Wonderful Fame”

  1. But, since you’re an SF author, shouldn’t the Scalzi Burrito be filled with some kind of high energy pills or paste that can be eaten in Zero-G?

  2. The “What are you doing?” section seems remarkable tame. No rattlesnake, powdered donuts, poprocks, jellied eels, kitkats, marinated scorpions, dried frog pills, etc. Though why pineapple is in the “normal” section I’m not entirely sure.

  3. See, this is the kind of fame I aspire to. Not very famous; just enough to get a kick out of it. Good job!

  4. Had to leave the hot dog(?) out to keep the fat ratio below 10%.

    Fortunately, Gummy Worms are fat-free, not to mention a perfectly acceptable American Cheese substitute.

    I’m beginning to understand the “type anything to get started writing” school of thought. That the two above are rational in context is frightening.

  5. 3,348. That’s how many calories the ultimate, all-inclusive Scalzi Burrito will net you. Plus tortilla, of course.

  6. This isnt all that unexpected coming from the guy who became famous for taping bacon to a cat.

  7. Greg@1:49 PM:

    You’d think “bacon (sans cat hair)” would be an ingredient because of that.

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