New Books and ARCs, 10/18/19

Today’s stack is a double, because that’s just how much booky goodness has come to the Scalzi Compound recently. What here is calling to you? Share in the comments!

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  1. So many books! Lee and Miller’s latest Liaden Universe installment would be my pick but I think I still haven’t read the previous one yet, I need to get caught up.

  2. It’s a bit hard to read the titles at half the usual scale. I suggest a vertical (image) stack of single (book) stacks.

  3. The Charlaine Harris book and Eoin Colfer book are books that go on the “Of course!” pile. The Monster Hunter book “Target Rich Environment” looks like a lot of fun.

  4. So much there I want. I liked Chris Kluwe’s nonfiction book of essays, so I may end up giving that a shot. But the first thing that hit my eyes was Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight, by Aliette de Bodard. What an evocative title!

  5. I just bought a new flatscreen. Problem is the remote sensor is behind my sound bar, so I need to jack up the TV 4-5 inches. Seeing as you have so many, howz about you sending me a dozen or so of those books my way? I’m not choosy, and promise I won’t read them before putting them under my TV’s feet. Totes promise.

  6. Er, aside from Agatha Christie (who’s hit and miss for me), I don’t recognize a single author here.

  7. The Crucible of Time looks good. I’ll have to read the first in the series, to see.
    The rest is all basically fantasy.

  8. Pullman’s The Secret Commonwealth (second volume of The Book of Dust) is one I’ve been waiting for. I’ll be diving into it ASAP. The new Garth Nix also looks promising.

  9. Did they really send you Larry Correia Michael Z. Williamson books, I would love to see those reviews. ANGEL MAGE might be good

  10. Did they really send you Larry Correia and Michael Z. Williamson books, I would love to see those reviews. ANGEL MAGE might be good

  11. Just picked up Philip Pullman’s first in his dust trilogy. Must get a move on if volume 2 is due out. The Secret Commonwealth is a curious title.

  12. Sharon Lee & Steve Miller! Really looking forward to this one. Also Jeffrey A. Carver is an author I want to read, and I’ve enjoyed Charlaine Harris’ work in the past. And haven’t read Pullman’s Dust trilogy books yet, but they are in the to-be-read queue.

  13. Grey-o-beard “… The Secret Commonwealth is a curious title.”
    It’s the title of a book of fairy folklore collected in Scotland by a minister in the late 1600s — a famous book, any college class on the topic would have it on the reading list.

  14. I’ve been exited for Highfire for a while now. Other than that, the new Harries might be worth checking out

  15. The local Salvation Army charity shop is lucky with you. Or you must have built an annex to your house where you keep all that discarded literature (either after reading or dismissing it). John Scalzi’s Library of Abandoned Books.

  16. So much! But first, the picture of Smudge is adorable.

    I read the Battle Beyond the Dolestars as The Battle of the Dostoyevskys – I think this is a plot bunny.

    War,Memories, Starlight sounds interesting. You’d forget need to drink it with a mich cup of hot tea or chilled vodka.

    The Marple one for giggles. And many others. I need to refresh my speed reading. Or expand my brain. That probably. Best to you and yours, John.


  17. Kluwe is such a multitalented person. Former NFL player, musician, game developer, equality advocate, and a pretty fair author as well. Definitely looking forward to getting my hands on his new book.

  18. Accepting the Lance is very good, always look forward to new Lee and Miller works.

  19. I read a sample of the first in the Jeffrey A. Carver series. It looks good. I bought a package deal of books 1-3. The one above is #6. Since I’m all caught up on all of my other series (ahem). ;)

  20. Er, aside from Agatha Christie (who’s hit and miss for me), I don’t recognize a single author here.

    I often feel that way about these posts, but not this time, there’s Nix and Pullman and de Bodard. All of whom I’ve enjoyed in the past so there’s a good chance I will again. And while I haven’t *read* Charlaine Harris I have at least heard of her.

    P.S. I’ve enjoyed some of Steve Miller’s music but I’m not sure how well that would translate to success as an author.

  21. The Aliette de Bodard collection, “Of Wars, and Memories, and Starlight”! Subterranean Press does such lovely collections, a pleasure to hold and read.

    I heard Garth Nix read a bit of “Angel Mage” at the San Jose Worldcon last year, and have been looking forward to it ever since.

  22. THE LAST SMILE IN SUNDER CITY, RAT RULE 79, DAUGHTER FROM THE DARK and HIGHFIRE all went on my “check these out” list, and I’m already a third of the way through THE SECRET COMMONWEALTH.

  23. I’m reviewing the new Colfer next month. I would have read it already but it’s horror month

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