The Scalzi Compound in Watercolor

Autumn at the Scalzi Compound looks good in faux-watercolors!

(which is to say I didn’t really paint this, I have a Photoshop add-on that does it for me. But it looks nice anyway.)

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend, folks.

10 Comments on “The Scalzi Compound in Watercolor”

  1. You know, you have a really pretty house. I mean, I knew the setting was lovely, but I guess I never quite noticed the way the house fit into it before.

  2. Nice! If you took the picture, by my lights you get the credit! You probably had something to do with how that house and landscape looks.

    I take pictures, use something like photoshop to render the image into faint outlines on a blank background and the use it as a kind of rough trace and do a digital painting over it. I’ve done my house a few times.
    Mark McPherson

  3. What I like is the books you write in that setting. You must have a vivid imagination to be in that idylic setting and write such crazy wonderful science fiction. To what do you attribute your inspiration?

    Found a signed copy of Agent to the Stars at the Lebanon library and have been a fan ever since.

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