Mostly Hiding Out Again

I’m still not done with The Last Emperox, and it absolutely has to be done by the end of the month, so… probably not going to be around a lot in the next couple of weeks, folks. Don’t worry, I’m not dead, but by the time I write “The End” I may wish I was.

I may drop in every now and then with cat pics and sunsets and new book stacks. Otherwise, yeah. November.

16 Comments on “Mostly Hiding Out Again”

  1. Kitties and Sunsets are an acceptable trade-off for your next book, although an occasional Halloween decoration or costume would not go amiss. Good writing!

  2. Go and take your time! (I’m not *only* saying this because I still have plenty of reading material, I also want The Last Emperox to be good, I promise!)

  3. Just please take care of yourself in the process, ok? At a minimum, I would suggest that you might treat the process like a particularly enthralling con and embrace the 6-2-1 rule (6 hours of sleep, 2 meals, 1 shower per day). I’ve heard it as the 5-3-1 rule, too, but I think 6 hours of sleep is healthier than 5. Basically, please don’t make yourself ill in order to meet your deadline.

    Happy writing, sir, and we all look forward to enjoying the result.

  4. While, in theory, completed Scalzi trilogy has great value…that must be weighed against the more immediate appeal of cat pics, NOW.

  5. Didn’t you swear that you weren’t going to put yourself in this position again?

    I still haven’t gotten the images of yourself after the last “submitted-at-the-last-second” manuscript out of my head!

  6. I agree with Colonel Snuggledorf: do whatcha gotta do, but at least make sure to shower and sleep…oh, and maybe scritch the kitties every once in a while and scarf a burrito or seven along the way…

    Happy writing!!

  7. We will remain secure and appreciative of your efforts until you have completed TLE  to
    your highest ability — and, dare I say, for a good long time thereafter.

    (with apologies to Paul and Storm)    Write, John, write like the wind!


  8. Might want to make up a crockpot full of healthy burrito filling, lay in a supply of tortillas and shredded jack cheese, paper plates, hot sauce etc. (Cholula brand is awesome and ‘autentico’.)

  9. So John, writer process question for you: When you’re on a roll, how long does it typically take you to write 2,000 words? (I ask, because NaNoWriMo is coming up, and I want to figure out how much time to allocate out of my day.)

    (Full disclosure: my plan is not to worry about writing good copy, just to budget time to get it written.)

  10. Hoping a picture of one of the Scalzi cats in a Halloween costume will come out during this hiatus.

  11. A novelist friend once told me that being a writer is like having a term paper due ALL THE TIME, and your mortgage depends on it. Scary…

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