New Books and ARCs, 1/11/19

New month, new books and ARCs! What in this stack of very fine titles is something you like to start your month with? Share in the comments —

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

18 replies on “New Books and ARCs, 1/11/19”

As for books I always like Charlene Harris and Mercedes Lackey. That one at the bottom of the stack looks huge. That would be a real time investment to read. I wonder how those epic tomes get people to read and review their ARCs. By the time I got to the end I’d have probably forgotten how it started, and I’m someone who can re-read the entire Wheel of Time series in a couple of weeks.

Hmmm, haven’t seen anything from Wil McCarthy in a while, and he gave me some great reads with The Collapsium series. Unnatural Magic intrigues me the most of the authors new to me. Possibly it’s because a young woman going to the city to study magic and encountering citizen trolls reminds me pleasantly of Terry Pratchett.

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