Post-novel-writing brain truly hit today and I feel fine, just so long as you don’t expect me to think.

How are you?

18 Comments on “Bwwuuuuhhhh”

  1. It’s the day before elections in Mass, and I’m running for a position in my town so I’m dancing between anxious mess and brain-death. Thanks for asking. :D

  2. Not good. Burn out and something kind of like depression. I am self-medicating with chocolate, so all is not dark. Except the chocolate.

  3. Let the neurons recharge at their own speed – trust me, it’ll work better than trying to rush them. The time change may have something to do with it as well, and the only cure for that is time. Count yourself fortunate that the novel deadline was before the time change rather than after!

    I am reasonably well for a Monday, thanks for asking. Got a fair bit of housework and yardwork done over the weekend, which always feels good, and finished up a futzy, drudgerous chore at the office today, so I’ve got that feeling of satisfaction from having accomplished something productive. Not creative, not even really interesting to anyone who is not me, but productive.

    Relax well, find some visual popcorn to watch on TV, eat chocolate, pet cats – you’ll be fine in a few days.

  4. Working on a public holiday… but have an awesome date coming up too, so swings-and-roundabouts for me!
    (Can’t wait for the Last Emperox, so I have to keep busy)

  5. I’m confronted by a General Election in which we’ve already had Donald Trump warmly urging us to make lots and lots of sincere attempts to destroy ourselves. If I could manage not to think I’d be deliriously happy…

  6. In the Caribbean with my wife, enjoying little umbrella drinks. So, I’m going to go with: copacetic.

    Sadly, there are no Arby’s around here.

  7. …pation!
    Brain and brain??? What is brain? DH is down with a cold and NyQuil, and I just installed a new dishwasher, so the household can’t handle beyond feeding the cats, and that’s only because they will throw up outside the bedroom door if they don’t get something besides kibble.

  8. I’m better than I should, actually. Your gray matter will be fully operational soon again, I promise (although you already know that, the last time I checked this wasn’t your first book)

  9. Funny. My colleague is always complaining of having “baby brain” (even though the baby is now turned two years old). I imagine this is _exactly_ the same.

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