On the Road, Again

Wait, what? I thought you said you were done with travel for the year, Scalzi! I am, indeed, done with travel for public purposes — I have no more events scheduled for 2019. But now that The Last Emperox is finished, and I have a free moment or two, I’ve decided to take a week and visit friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in a long time. I’m renting a car and traveling the great American southland. It should be fun. Unless the car breaks down and I am consumed by bears. But that seems… unlikely.

In any event, the travel begins today, so whilst I travel updating here may be sporadic. I’ll try to get some nice shots of hotel parking lots, however.

11 Comments on “On the Road, Again”

  1. For the best chance of being consumed by bears, I recommend packing your car with rotting apples, bird seed, and bee brood comb. Bears will eat honey, but it is not their go-to meal choice.
    Oh, wait, that’s not the advice you were looking for.

  2. John, have you never seen a movie?

    As soon as someone says “Unless I get mauled by a tiger” the next lie is ALWAYS “It’s right behind me, isn’t it?”

    At least the book got turned in…

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