View From a Hotel Window, 11/7/19: Knoxville

Honestly this may be one of the finest hotel parking lot pictures yet, as it encompasses not only the hotel parking lot, but the parking lot of a McDonalds and a Verizon Store. This trip may have peaked early. We’ll have to see.

In town here overnight, am seeing friends and then will be off again in the morning. Traveling! It’s a thing.

19 Comments on “View From a Hotel Window, 11/7/19: Knoxville”

  1. I had a chance to take a 2 month stretch of clinical courses in vet school (1992) at UT Knoxville. I was amazed by the fact that random people would say Hi on the street, just to be friendly. I would say that from the pleasant human index, it was the highest score of any of the 8 cities that I have lived in.

  2. You’re almost in my backyard! Not literally, but I live an hour South of Knoxville and always wished you’d do a book signing there!

    I admit, not one of the finest views, especially given how close you are to the mountains. I’m trying to recognize where specifically you are, but it’s dark!

  3. Wait- *I* am on my way to Knoxville this afternoon! … dont’ come to Atlanta today, the “president’ is coming.

  4. Hey, you’re passing through my old stomping grounds. Now I live in Utah. I miss Tennessee’s trees. Say hi to them for me!

  5. Hey, looks like they gave you the VIP room and minimised the affront of cars parked in view by fencing off part of the parking space.

  6. I know exactly where that is–I used to work within walking distance. Since John’s presumably not there anymore I don’t feel uncomfortable revealing the location: it’s adjacent to campus and looking north towards Cumberland Ave.

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