Krissy, As of Yesterday

She’s pretty great.

We like to joke that she doesn’t age; well, she does, in fact, age (the gray hair is a giveaway). She just does it gracefully. More gracefully than I do, in any event, which to be fair is a low bar. I don’t mind. She digs me anyway.

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    Jada Hope Diaz

    She looks lovely.

  2. I absolutely love how the friendship and love for each other is palpable.

    On both sides. The photographer by showing her like this – and in the model by looking at the photographer like that. ;-)

    She has so absolutely stunning warm eyes, sparkling with fire. <3

  3. Glad Krissy doesn’t mind you taking her picture or allowing us to see them. She always brightens the day. Always think of you as a couple with a healthy daughter. When people ask why you’re at the top of my author list, I mention the time you played a ukulele at an author event, the song being what was playing when you met her. I explain that anyone who shows that depth of feeling can’t help but be a good storyteller.

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    Lovely woman and matched with your lovely words.

  5. On aging more gracefully: My wife and I are roughly the same age as you folks as near as I can tell. Dated in high school, married at 22. She looks like an older version of the same person. I look like a different person: balding, beardy, and far grayer than my wife who doesn’t color her hair and lacks enough salt to be called salt and pepper.

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