Daily Archives: November 18, 2019

Reader Request Week 2019 #2: The War Between the Generations

Cristoph asks: What’s your take on the generational conflicts of our time, currently manifesting in the “Ok Boomer” saying? I think it’s par for the course, actually. Generational conflict makes for a good story and for good copy, and for the last 100 years or so in the US, at least, there’s been a low-grade […]

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Reader Request Week 2019 #1: Strange Experiences

It’s Monday and it’s time for this year’s Reader Request Week! Let’s start this one off on a slightly spooky note, with this question from Mar: I’d be curious to know, if you’re comfortable talking about it, whether you’ve ever had a “strange”, or for lack of a better term, what we might call “paranormal” […]

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