New Books and ARCs, 11/22/19

We’re moving in to Thanksgiving week here in the US, which makes it a perfect time to ask which of these new books and ARCs you would be thankful have in your hot little hands in the near future. Tell us in the comments what here is appealing to you.

By John Scalzi

I enjoy pie.

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_Conflict of Honors_ was the first Lee & Miller book I read (published by Del Rey, and was credited as Miller & Lee back then) way back in the 80’s. It kicks off an excellent series that’s still getting new books today, 30+ years later.

I’ve only read Seanan McGuire’s comics work, so I’m curious about her prose work.

Also, a book titled “Upright Women Wanted” makes me want to give this a flip-through in hopes that it bashes the types of men who would be happy living in Margaret Atwood’s world of the Handmaids.

Oooh! I’m salivating over both the Seanan McGuire books. The Wayward Children series has been outstanding and Laughter from the Academy collects her stories, so great chance to see development and any pieces I might have missed.

The Pournelle caught my eye for sure. “Lucifer’s Hammer” was one of the first science fiction novels I’d ever read, back when I was in elementary school.

Also, thanks to all the other commenters who picked out McGuire’s “Laughter at the Academy” – and to John of course for posting it – I didn’t spot it in the photo. These new book / ARC posts are great for discovery.

Just a clarification about Tim Rowledge’s mention of the “Newsfeed” and “Parasitology” series: those series are written under Seanan’s Mira Grant pen name.

(Seanan’s horror fiction is generally written under the Mira Grant pen name.)

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