A Very Scalzi Christmas Down the Last 100 Copies of the Signed Limited Hardcover

Here’s the news from Subterranean Press itself:

Basically, if you want to be sure you get the signed limited hardcover, order from Subterranean Press directly and do it very very soon. Like, today. Because those 100 copies are going to go quickly.

(If you miss the signed limited hardcover, however, there will still be the ebook version. And an audio version to boot. There will still be options!)

11 Comments on “A Very Scalzi Christmas Down the Last 100 Copies of the Signed Limited Hardcover”

  1. I read one Christmas related book each year in December, and I’ve been trying to decide what book to read this year. You just made my decision a whole lot easier.

  2. My copy arrived today! Copy #337. I’m setting it aside until Friday, because I have a personal rule that anything Christmas-like must wait until after Thanksgiving.

  3. I just saw my email notification that it was mailed! In NJ for the holiday. Hope it’s there when I get home!

  4. Just got the email that mine shipped today, too – I know what I’m gonna be doing this weekend!

  5. Just got my shipping notification, but no arrival date yet — and given the weather forecast for the area, I’d rather the post office didn’t try rushing. OTOH, I can download the e-book regardless of road conditions.

  6. Friday came early this week, because my copy arrived today. Apparently, I got the Patrick McGoohan upgrade, because I am number 6.