A Very Scalzi Christmas is Out!

Just in time for the holidays! 

As a reminder, this collection features fifteen stories about Christmas and the holidays, including three that are exclusive to this collection: “Christmas in July,” “Jangle the Elf Grants Wishes” and “Resolutions for the New Year.” Plus illustrations by the super-talented Natalie Metzger for every story (and the cover, obviously). The stories are mostly funny, with a couple that will get you right in the feels.

The signed, limited hardcover edition is almost totally sold out, but there are a few copies left — for now — if you purchase it directly from Subterranean Press. It is, however, freely available in an ebook edition at all your favorite ebook retailers, and Audible has the audiobook edition featuring a full cast (which I’m listening to now and which is friggin’ delightful). Both the eBook and audio editions are very affordably priced (around $6 each). Get both!

I’m so happy this is out in the world. I think you’re really going to enjoy this one. Merry Christmas!


4 Comments on “A Very Scalzi Christmas is Out!”

  1. My two copies (#108 for me, #109 for my sibling’s holiday gift) just arrived yesterday, and I read half of it last night – had to force myself to stop to save the other half for this evening. I really, really like it – so glad you included a couple of my holiday favorites from Whatever, and I particularly loved Christmas In July.

    Thank you for the giggles, and a very joyful holiday season to you and yours!

  2. Congratulations! I just purchased the ebook and audible editions of A Very Scalzi Christmas. Is there any way you can sign them for me?

    I once dated a woman (~2004) who was a copy editor at the Dayton Daily News. She was impressed that I read both Hal McCoy and you. She got Hal to sign a baseball for me, but never delivered on the promise to have you sign my copy of Old Man’s War. In fact, she kept the book when our relationship ended.

    Merry Christmas to all y’all Scalzi’s including the ones with fur,

    Robert From Cincinnati, and proud father of a son who earned an MS degree in Botany from Miami University in 2016.

  3. My copy shipped on the 25th and tracking says I should get it Tuesday! Right now, it’s in Albuquerque, 40 miles away, but will take 3 more days to get here!!

  4. Got it on Audible about 3 minutes after you dropped it on Twitter. Would have been 2 minutes, but there was a minute of fist pumping and jumping up and down. Thanks for the early Christmas present Mr. S!

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