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Reader Request Week 2019 #1: Strange Experiences

It’s Monday and it’s time for this year’s Reader Request Week! Let’s start this one off on a slightly spooky note, with this question from Mar: I’d be curious to know, if you’re comfortable talking about it, whether you’ve ever had a “strange”, or for lack of a better term, what we might call “paranormal” […]

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How to Have Time For a Life

On Twitter this morning, the following tweet: genuinely curious HOW does any adult have the time/energy to do all the following: 🤔 maintain a good social life🤔 do well at a career🤔 exercise daily🤔 eat right daily 🤔 get 8+ hours sleep each night🤔 have hobbies it's like that dril tweet about budgeting — ✨ […]

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Back Home

When I left Ohio for my week-long journey around the American South, my yard was still green and most of the trees in it still had leaves. When I returned, neither of these things were broadly true. What a change a week can make. My trip, incidentally, was really enjoyable. It had a couple of […]

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Election Day 2019 Thoughts

In no particular order: * First and most importantly, the only thing I could vote for this year that was competitive — a levy for a local career center — passed, so I feel pretty good about that. Also on the ballot were a couple of uncontested races for township representative and school board, both […]

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The Big Idea: Cynthia Hand

In this Big Idea for her new novel The How & The Why, author Cynthia Hand looks into what makes us “family” — whether it’s genetics, blood, love, care or… more than that. CYNTHIA HAND: I’ve always had a hard time with the way adoption is portrayed in television and film. My central complaint, speaking […]

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Terminator: Dark Fate Review

I’ll begin by noting that Terminator: Dark Fate director Tim Miller is a friend of mine, and that we’ve worked together on Love Death and Robots, so you’ll have to filter the following through that fact. Hey, disclosure is fun! With that said, I was happy with this movie, which is what I wanted it […]

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