An Accidental Family Triptych

As most of you know I fiddle a lot with photos, and then upload them to my Flickr account. Today I uploaded a picture of myself, another picture of Krissy, and a third photo of Athena, and Flickr posted them in a manner that quite unintentionally made what I think is a really compelling family triptych, covering an interesting range of styles and emotions. This triptych will last only until I upload another picture, so I thought I would document it now. This is us, in December of 2019. More or less.

10 Comments on “An Accidental Family Triptych”

  1. Huh. Some flavor of Freudian significance to your portrait looking like it was done in crayon? :-P

    V nice photos of Krissy and Athena!

  2. Don’t think I’ve ever visited your Flickr account/site. Wow, very cool. You should be a photographer! I really liked it. Cool play of colors and arrangement and light.

  3. That is cool! I wonder if you all would be able to articulate your thoughts when the pictures were taken in a few years time?

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